Get Zombified!!

Get Zombied up at any of these locations from your local Haunted Attraction artists the day of LZW!


datestThe Devil’s Attic

Location for Zombie Make Up: Highland Taproom – 1058 Bardstown Rd.





Date & Time: 8/26/17 – 4:00-8:15 PM

Pricing: $40.00 per person

Scheduling: You may PRE-book your make up via email (  OR there will also be a first come first serve make up crew as well.

About the artists: Local make up and FX artist Matt Goodlett leads a team of 3 highly skilled artists to provide you with the most realistic and terrifying zombie make up in Louisville!

Highlands tap room artAsylum Haunts

Location for Zombie Make Up:  Nowhere Bar – 1133 Bardstown Rd.

Date & Time: 8/26/17

Pricing: $10.00 (quick and bloody zombie) / $20.00 (latex zombie) / $40.00 (deluxe zombie)

Scheduling: First come first serve… high end zombie booking available at:

About the artists: Exclusive Asylum haunts make up crew will morph you into the most authentic zombie!


Highlands tap room art7th Street Haunt

Location for Zombie Make Up: Chill Bar – 1117 Bardstown Rd


Date & Time:  8/26/17 – 4:00-8:15PM

Pricing: Makeup starting at $25 with upgrades available. Walk ins are welcome!

Scheduling: Please contact Tabby Gray

About the artists: Lou’Evil’s exceptionally talented makeup artists, Tabitha Gray and Scott Morgan. With over 30 years of makeup experience will be available to re-animate you into the walking dead. With featured guest artist Angela Lawson!


Highlands tap room artGrim Trails

Location for Zombie Make Up: The Back Door Bar – 1250 Bardstown Rd.




Date & Time:  8/26/17 – 4:00-8:15 PM

Pricing: Makeup starting at $25 for a level 1 infection (paint only) upgraded infections and add-ons available.

Scheduling: Walk-ins welcome! Contact to schedule an appointment.

About the artists: Max Glidewell is a 24/7 costume, party and makeup guru with 3 years of fantastic horror makeup experience at Grim Trails, in addition to his costumers’ background. Michael Coombs was raised in a house of Halloween, and has lived the haunt life for 26 years. He has 10 years of makeup experience.